People have great questions for me, and this is a common one:

Can I use the Parasite Formula tea with the lunar (moon) cycle? 

Absolutely!  I always put the Parasite Formula tea out at least once a week to break up the parasite cycle every seven days.

According to Equine Natural Health (in the United Kingdom), traditional deworming treatment of farm animals has often followed the lunar (moon) cycles. This is the lunar cycle regimen that I use. There are different thoughts on this, some people use it for 3 days around the moon cycle: the day before, day of, and day after.  You’ll see that I have those 5 days shaded on the chart using both green and yellow. I did this to help people who want to use the 3 days instead of 5 days recommended in by Equine Natural Health. I encourage you to see which suggestion works best at your farm, as there isn’t only one “right way” to use this regimen – each farm is different, so experiment and see what works best for you!

NOTE: You can also use the Parasite Formula mix (without making the tea), simply follow the dosage instructions in one of our online classes (see the list below).

When using the tea method:

I would suggest starting two days before a full moon (the moon waxing), include the day of the full moon, and finishing two days after a full moon (the moon waning), for a total of five days of putting the tea out each day or every other day, depending on how quickly they finish the tank off.

Remember, the hatch cycle is every 7-10 days, so I strongly suggest that you follow the instructions for correct dosage and frequency of the Parasite Formula I provide in our classes (listed below), but it would be a great addition to ALSO add the extra with the lunar cycle if you would like:

  1. Our Parasite Formula Basics Mini Class. This mini class is a free excerpt of our Parasite Formula Basics class. The Parasite Formula Basics class that is included with your purchase of our Parasite Formula and includes information about how to use our Parasite Formula, including how to make the tea.  The free mini class is in our Basic (free) Level.
  2. How to Prepare Herbal Parasite Formula TEA class. This is a great class if you want more detail on how to prepare and use the tea method successfully. This class is in our Plus Learning Package.
  3. How to Use Our Herbal Parasite Formula MIX class.  This is our full course which includes videos, pictures, information about the Five Point Check, FAMACHA Technique, fecal tests, our Herbal Coccidia Prevention Protocol, we include Chronic dosage frequency, and the Acute dosage frequency is much more detailed, we include a downloadable/printable Quick Reference Guide to keep with your natural raising toolkit, and much, much more! This class is in our Premium Learning Package which includes ALL the classes in our Basic, Plus, and Premium levels. You can see them all on our Home page – they are amazing and packed with great information!!

Essential oil booster!

For a boost to the herbs, your choice of high quality essential oils can be added directly to the tea after it has cooled to a safe temperature. Simply put in the desired amount of drops of each essential oil, put the lid on and shake well before dumping the contents of the jar into your water tank. The herbs in the jar help disperse the essential oils, so I haven’t had any trouble with them pooling in one spot on top of the water when I use this method. These are the only essential oils that we use here at our farm for my family and animals. Please don’t use essential oils from the pharmacy or grocery store, they are very often adulterated and NOT the high quality oils that they claim to be! We must have high quality essential oils to safely use them with our family OR our animals!!

I hope this information and our chart is a blessing to you!

~ Kristie, MH, CA, NES

Parasites – Working with the Lunar Cycle

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