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This FREE mini class is an excerpt of TWO of our popular classes in the higher levels: How to Use Our Herbal Parasite Formula Mix class (in the Premium Learning Package) and our How to Prepare Herbal Parasite Formula Tea class (in the Plus Learning Package).

This mini class is specifically designed to help our customers implement the Land of Havilah Parasite Formula, which was carefully formulated by our resident Certified Master Herbalist & Aromatherapist, Kristie Miller. In this mini class Kristie covers the following in a very basic way: dosage, frequency, and administration suggestions. In addition, she suggests some helpful additions to use with the herb mix to increase potency in Chronic and Acute situations, she also includes the answers to some Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s)! We have lots of information packed into this free class, and that only scratches the surface of the great information she includes in the two classes we have in our paid learning packages!!

Want more detailed information? See our full course: How to Use Our Herbal Parasite Formula class which includes videos, pictures, information about the Five Point Check, FAMACHA Technique, fecal tests, our Herbal Coccidia Prevention Protocol, we include Chronic dosage frequency, and the Acute dosage frequency is much more detailed, we include a downloadable/printable Quick Reference Guide to keep with your natural raising toolkit, and much, much more!

When enrolling in the Premium Learning Package, you get access to all the classes that are in the Basic, Plus, and Premium levels! You can see them all on the “View Our Class List” page – they are amazing and packed with great information!!

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