Welcome to the Land of Havilah Herbals doTERRA downline!

My name is Kristie Miller, Certified Master Herbalist & Aromatherapist at Land of Havilah Herbals. I’m SO happy to welcome you to our team, and I’m excited to help you learn more about the safe and effective use of essential oils!!

As an added bonus to your doTERRA membership, we offer free education on essential oils and herbs for both yourself, your family, and your animals! You are enrolled with me or a Wellness Advocate in my downline, which gives you FREE ACCESS to one of the paid levels here at Land of Havilah Learning Center! Please don’t be concerned about the subscription prices you see listed on the Membership Levels of this website – they do NOT apply to you. You folks get FREE access as follows… 

Your free membership level is tiered:

  1. DoTERRA – Plus Level – Your get FREE membership in this level/group for being on my DT team/group or in my downline. You must keep your wholesale account active by renewing each year and ordering via your wholesale account as needed. This level includes all the Basic and Plus classes, plus I build on the information to include some introductory herbal and essential oil use.

  2. DoTERRA – Premium Group – My DT team or downline on the Loyalty Rewards Program (aka LRP) under 100 PV each month get FREE membership in this group. This group includes all classes in our Basic, Plus, and Premium levels and we continue building with Intermediate information.

  3. DoTERRA – Platinum Group – My DT Team or downline on LRP of 100 PV or more each month get FREE membership in this group. This group includes all classes in the Basic, Plus, Premium, and Platinum levels, AND you are added to the Kristie’s Korner Facebook group that is specific to the Platinum level. Lots of great information will be available in this level.

Did you enroll in doTERRA with an order of 100 PV or more?

If so, you get 30 days FREE access to the DoTERRA Platinum Group! Don’t worry – after that 30 days, you will NOT be charged – you will simply be moved to the appropriate level as described above. 🙂

“How do I sign up?”

Fill out this form to request the password for the PAGE. After you get that password, you can input it at this link to gain access to the PAGE. Then you can sign up for the free level and I can add you to the appropriate group according to the requirements listed above

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LRP = Loyalty Rewards Program. This is doTERRA's monthly autoship program. It is FULLY EDITABLE every month.