To all of you that are outside of the USA, we appreciate you!

We know how expensive the exchange rate is, so we want to offer you coupons that will discount the levels to YOUR country’s currency rate instead of USD!!

For instance, let’s say you are from Australia and you want to subscribe to the Platinum Learning Package, that package is $75 USD. BUT we would give you a coupon so that you pay at the rate of $75 AUD* (it will show the discounted USD price)! This would be for ALL our membership levels!

We are so excited to start this new program and help our international friends get access to our fantastic classes!

*Obviously, this changes on a daily basis, so we would use an average


Are you a Land of Havilah Herbals store customer?

We know how expensive international shipping is and we want to give you a bonus for your shipping costs! Whenever you purchase from our Land of Havilah Herbals store, we will give you 30 days of membership at our Land of Havilah Learning Center for free! Your free level will depend on the cost of your  shipping (USD), and we will round that to the closest level. For instance:

Let’s say you purchased one 16 ounce bag of Vitalerbs Formula and the shipping was $14.85 for that bag. We would look at our memberships and find the one closest to your shipping cost. That would be the Plus Learning Package at $15. So you would apply for a free membership in the Plus Learning Package!

Now, let’s pretend that you bought three bags of our Parasite Formula – I can fit those into a Priority Mail Padded Flat Rate Envelope, which incidentally is the most affordable shipping option even if you only bought two bags! SO the shipping on that would be $23.70. Then we look at our levels: You would qualify for a free 30 days of our Premium Learning Package!

You will need a coupon code to apply for the appropriate level, so please contact us for help with that!

The coupon gives you 30 days free in the appropriate level, and a recurring subscription if you want to continue – you can downgrade to the Basic (free) level at the end of the 30 days and not be charged. If you do want to continue with your membership, the coupon code gives you a discount so that you are paying the $20, but at the rate of YOUR country’s currency* instead of USD. YOU are in control: We give you information on how to cancel your recurring payment through PayPal right after you create your subscription!

I hope this is a blessing to you!!

~ Kristie, MH, CA, NES