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This is a joint webinar with our friend, Dr. Janet Roark, (DVM, CA), the Essential Oil Vet.

Dr. Roark discusses essential oils and their uses/applications with animals.  Kristie, our Certified Master Herbalist/Certified Aromatherapist, discusses herbs and their uses/applications.

We cover goats quite a bit, so this is a rare gem!  We focus on herbivores, and we have a lot of general information that also applies to all species!  Both the video and the handout are viewed within this class.

We also provide a PDF of the handout/slides which can be downloaded and printed off for your personal use (at your farm).  This PDF is specifically for you and your household, so if you wish to share this information, please refer others to this class for their own copy.

This video is not permitted to be shown publicly, it is for your private use only.

This class is a video/webinar class: approximately 1 hour and 6 minutes

The Safe Use of Herbs & Essential Oils for Pregnant Animals – Dr. Janet Roark (DVM, CA), & Kristie Miller (MH, CA)

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