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UPDATED: January 23, 2020

This class contains the information that was in the Natural Raising section of my Land of Havilah Farm website, but it is in a new easier to follow class format, the Langston training videos can now be watched within this class, and the Langston Supervisor test can be viewed and downloaded directly from a class page. I have included the blank milk test forms that you need for your very first milk test through Langston DHI, and directions on how to fill them out.

Information on DHIR (Milk Test)

I have my herd on ADGA’s DHIR program. I wish I would’ve started LONG ago!! I was MUCH simpler than I thought, and I wanted to encourage others to consider placing their herds on test as well.

NOTE: I’m only familiar with Langston DHIA, so my answers may be specific for that lab in some cases.

UPDATE:  I originally wrote this in 2010, I updated the class on March 11, 2019. All the forms are current up to that date.

When I started, I had LOTS of questions – not surprising to anyone who knows me. I’m am a “Question Asker Extraordinaire”!  I want to know the “who, what, where, when, why and how” about EVERYTHING! I get concerned that I drive people nuts while I’m getting things sorted out!  I will try to answer those questions for you in this class.

My herd is part of the ADGA Plus program, which includes Linear Appraisal, DHIR (milk test), and DNA testing. You do NOT need to be a member of ADGA Plus, but I encourage you to consider it.

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Information on DHIR (Milk Test)

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