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“Head tension” (i.e. your head hurts) is a very common issue for people, and I struggled with “Severe Episodic Head Tension” for many, many years. I just knew that this is one of the subjects that I HAD to cover this in one of our very first classes here on Land of Havilah Learning Center. I want to help you find the relief that I have finally found!

There are many things that can cause head tension and this class covers them very nicely. Special thanks to Jessica Widnall, RN, and Essential Oils Academy they put together a great class and I’m looking forward to sharing it with you! I added some things to make sure the class is in line with the training that I received in Aromatherapy and Aromatic Medicine (internal use of essential oils).

~ Kristie, MH, CA

This class has been created in collaboration with Jessica Widnall, RN.

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Essential Oils for Head Tension with Kristie Miller, MH, CA